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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yup , More Stupid Albertans

Two drunk rednecks thought it would be fun to break into the TIGER enclosure and play with the kitties with predictable results . It was the middle of the night and Vitali here wasn't all that keen on being woke up from his safe slumber and did exactly what he should do - defend his territory against a threat moving around near his napland . The main moron is absolutely gonna be feeling the wrath of his stupidity for a very long time and gonna get a boost to his Welfare cheque because cats have toxic saliva and he's probably going to lose his arm .

If these asshats even THINK of suing the Zoo , they should have the opportunity to play with Vitali up close and VERY personal .

Why are people even THINKING of blaming the Calgary Zoo?? It's pretty fucking obvious that if you wake a 5-kilo tomcat he's gonna give you the business , so 150-kilo Vitali was just doing his job defending his territory and little lady kitty from these two morons .

And people wonder why the rest of Canada ridicules Albertans . We get shining examples of drunken redneck behaviour delivered from this enclave of stupid to our homes on a several times daily basis.


  1. typica inbred alberta stupidity

  2. sounds like rob the dumbest inbred albertan from utubu

  3. dumbinbredalbertan


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