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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hate By Any Other Name on Twitter

The previous post (that is , the post now directly below this one) was of course complete satire . But those who are out to strip your liberties can and do spew similar diatribes in Churches all over North America . A friend alerted me to a church service in the town I reside conducted by a man that the town respects who went on a similar rant taking extra care to inform the residents of a town with around 10 Jews that they are filthy and G-d wants these innocent people DEAD .

This was in a church in BRITISH COLUMBIA , not Alberta , not the Deep American South . But it's refrain is heard in places large and small . The people of Fred Phelps' infamous picketing pogrom known as the Westboro Baptist Church are naturally vicious and truly evil , but their outward hatred is simply a mirror of what a disturbingly increasing percentage  of the super "religious" truly believe .  Their God Hates Fags Website is a disturbing reminder of the menace that decent folks of all faiths and none face today and in the future . Unlike what they preach , gays and jews don't recruit , but the neoplastic Nazis does without shame or concern for the people that they harm . They have terrorized the families of deceased soldiers , paediatric AIDS patients , women's advocates , and murdered hate crime victims .  They even tried to picket the funeral of a murdered Aboriginal man in Manitoba , but were rightfully refused entrance into Canada .
His internet savvy kids (he has 11 , most of whom are poster children for birth control) have even acquired accounts on social networking sites such as Twitter .

One of them is a good guy named Nathan ( Twitter : n8phelps ) who wants nothing to do with his pop's hateful cause despite all of the familial ramifications and I wish him no scorn whatsoever . He has exposed his dad's evil deeds and now lives in Canada safe from the horrific people who shaped his youth  . I would like to say that the majority of Fred's kids are like Nate , but they are not .

Fred's chosen tweeters are Megan Phelps-Roper (not to be confused with equally vicious sister Shirley of the same hyphenated surname) and Steve Drain of the Phelps sister site . Megan seems to spend her time sending hateful messages and videos to prominent Jews and Athiests while Steve likes to videotape protests and scream at elderly Chasidim for entertainment .  While i will not fully understand what fuels these people's misfired anger , I suspect that abuse , self-hatred, and brainwashing are the likely culprits .  They are so consumed by darkness that they must spread the virus to as many people as they can in order to feel valid as human beings . I was trolling Twitland a few days ago and came across the following video as well as others of the ilk being heavily promoted by Megan Phelps-Roper at the behest of the Westboro Baptist Church .

Keep in mind people , this is NOT a joke . These people are using this and their other videos as tools to recruit weak minds and torment people they do not know.

There is some irony here considering they were using parts of a song that was co-written by a man whose long-time wife and children are Jewish , and that the song began as a campaign song for prominent psychedelic drug proponent and Hindu convert Timothy Leary . This , naturally is lost on people too stupid to actually read up on the origins of the content they use for self-promotion .

It could be argued that the Westoboro Baptist Church is more of an enemy to itself than any of us "fags" ever could be .

Links for your perusal

Video Testing - The WBC Video Site

God Hates Fags - The WBC Main Site

Priests Rape Boys - The WBC Anti-Catholic Website has links to other WBC sister sites like and Steve Drains favourite

Be forewarned , some of these sites contain material of a controversial and adult nature , but to know the enemy , you must know how they think and what they believe


  1. (I have always said Baptists are Americas Taliban.) I used to wonder how Hitler got away with murdering so many people, wreaking havoc on a whole RACE. I used to say it wouldn't happen in this day & age. Then there is Darfur.Hate is wrong, no matter the race(color),religion,sexual preference,underware size, whatever. It is wrong.If you are so shallow as to judge someone by any standards, you are probably missing out on having some great people in your life.The fact that people so often put up websites like the one roofer mentions is beyond my thought process, it makes me sick. I don't care what a person is,I very much care WHO they are. Hate is a poison, it hurts the ones it is directed to but it kills the one directing it. Peace.

  2. A God who hates is not a God...


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