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Monday, July 6, 2009

And Out Of The Woodwork

Tomorrow , 20,000 or so lucky folks will get to attend the memorial services for Michael Jackson at the staples Center and Nokia Theater . There were millions of people who entered a lottery online for the chance to get to pay their last respects to a man they saw as iconic . Of course , there were also weasels who entered the lottery and I've seen tickets listed on craigslist for $10 000 and up . This image here was ripped from an Ebay listing that has current bidding up to $5000 for ONE wristband . Yet another listing for a premium pair has hit - get this kids OVER $88 , 000 before being flagged and pulled from sale , but you and I know there are gonna be idiots by the venue trying to sell these tickets off tomorrow.

Now , I get that people REALLY want to go to this event , i really do .....but , seriously , why not just donate $10 000 to a charity that Jacko dug instead of supporting snake scalper assholes ? Come on kids , use your heads - don't disgrace the name of the guy you are trying to remember by supporting the kind of fools he spoke out against .

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  1. Fucking amazing, what human beings are capable of!!


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