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Monday, July 13, 2009

Speaking Of Famewhores ....

...yes , kids it's Levi Johnston of boning Bristol Palin fame!

This stain has recently spent his days posing for photos with his kid for handsome payouts and courting movie and book offers with all the ambition that his 15 minutes will provide . Never afraid to air the dirty laundry of his ex's mama and his ex as well , he is now being relied on for political commentary , seriously putting the "pun" into pundit .
Now , I might be going out on a limb here , but I'm not thinking that an 18 year-old Alaskan moose hunter is the best person to be weighing in on ANYONE'S political process , let alone to be taken remotely seriously while doing so . I mean , he looks good in a suit granted , but his mama is a junkie and he's only famous for deflowering the kid of someone famous and living to tell the tale. I mean I get ambition , wanting to get out of your shitty job as a carpenter's apprentice and wanting some attention , but don't you need a little bit of talent and true drive first? I mean , I might have somewhat higher scruples than this cat , but seriously , he wants to write a tell-all about his time hanging with the richies and people are going to pay whether we like it or not. He's already whored out his relationship with Bristol Palin and his own infant son - how much lower will he really go in his quest for fame?


  1. Im sure Joe Jackson would handle his career/10 minutes.

  2. God The Palins make me sick anyway the whole lot of them, I hope that Barack does a goos job and those pesky republicans dont get into power again or it'll 'fuck LGBT' rights! argh!


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