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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scumbag of 4 Lifetimes

This repulsive stain on humanity is Banita Jacks , and she is going to jail , hopefully forever . This twat starved and beat her kids , not for a man , but simply due to the fact that she is a selfish psychopath . She starved and stabbed on of her kids to death and strangled her three younger angels and then she lived in the same house with their decomposing bodies for SEVEN MONTHS with zero remorse whatsoever . When she was arrested , she was concerned that she "might get in trouble" .

Some people are truly wasting the skin they are in , and Ms. Jacks is one of those and I believe she deserves the worst treatment for the remainder of her days , but I do have one question - Where might one find the dad(s) of these kids? Why didn't SOMEONE notice that all of these children disappeared ? Was there no grandparent , auntie , teacher or neighbour who cared about the existence of these 4 young lives ?
If anybody knew about this - the beatings , starvation , or murders - they deserve to sit in a dank cell for a very LONG time .
Hopefully , these beautiful babies are in a better place .It is horrifying that their times on Earth were so awful . Rest peacefully with the angels .

My original embed was deleted so I'm including a pre-conviction video now.

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