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Sunday, July 12, 2009

On A Serious Note

Go HERE and pony up a mere 99 cents for this download . It's my buddy Shai Specht and Stewart Raven and the proceeds go to .
Over a THOUSAND kids leave us EVERY HOUR , EVERY DAY , simply because they were born into poverty or abuse . Kids all over are being orphaned due to AIDS , violence , and drug addiction . Half of India's kids are undernourished on any given day and millions in Sub-Saharan Africa are parentless due to the overwhelming AIDS crisis . These kids are subjected to physical and sexual abuse and sold into all kinds of sickening slavery . No child deserves to live and die this way .
Thank you for taking a minute out of your day now go take a dollar and help out a kid.

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  1. I read this yesterday, but it took me a day to get my head around the numbers.Over 24,000 children die evry day from poverty, hunger, violence, etc. That's 24,000 children that we couldn't save.
    I amcrying just thinking of the heartbreak of the mother's who had to watch their babies starve and suffer. That pain is something no child, or mother should everhave to ndure in today's world.
    Think of all that we have...all that we waste. I am ashamed of myself even, for wallowing in the pain of things I can't change, when there are things out there that I can.
    I am sending this to everyone I know in the hope that they will send it on to others. We CAN make a difference.
    Thank you Mika for blogging and your blog rock!


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