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Monday, July 13, 2009

Scumbag of a Lifetime

After the death of his most prized son , I have , for the most part , left my feelings about Joseph Jackson out of my blog , but there are mounting reports that have forced me to take my concerns to the blog . It has come from the gossip mill that Joe Jackson fully plans to exploit his grandkids for financial gain , that he plans to groom Mikey's kids for stardom much in the same way he did his own kids. He has already paraded the idea to the news media and anyone who will listen that he sees these kids as his next showbiz meal ticket.
Now , Michael made it pretty specific that he wanted his mum to care for his kids , but not his dad , and I'm sure the fact that Joe is an abusive stageparent has more than a wee bit to do with this. Katherine , Mikey's mum , is clearly not a fan of Joe and her attorney is getting involved here , as is proper.
Keep in mind , people , that this scumbag was promoting his own musical endeavours within hours of his son's untimely death and even sold videos of the family to the news media . He has gone on TV publically proclaiming the dancing talents of the youngest and also discussing how he can see Paris as becoming famous as well. No wonder why Debbie Rowe wants to put out a restraining order! I mean this is the same man who said this about child abuse "I never beat him. I whipped him with a switch and a belt. I never beat him. You beat someone with a stick." and this about gays "We don't believe in gays. I can't stand them." . He also enjoys hanging around with racist , homophobic famewhore Al Sharpton , among others.
People need to unite and keep this stain on humanity far away from Michael's kids . And young artists need to avoid his recording outfit altogether lest they be lumped in with this vile man. We must unite to remove all credibility that this cocksucker has and news outlets have to stop paying him for his appearances. There is no feeling for his children or grandchildren exuding from this man , only dollar signs in his dark , creepy eyes.
It is distinctly possible that the wrong Jackson died on June 25th .


  1. LOL i thought it was going to be a surprise scumbag.

  2. Fox News online has a story that he is shoppping around the idea of taking Michael's kids on tour as the "Jackson 3". This guy is scum...their dad isn't even buried and he is figuring out a way to exploit these poor kids.Asshat!!!

  3. I have reason to believe this guy is a clone of Ike Turner.


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