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Monday, July 13, 2009

Arrivederci Asshole

This is serial asshat Robert Dunn and he died the other day in prison where he belonged. You see , Dolly Dunn was a pedophile schoolteacher of the WORST kind. He was convicted of 24 charges involving 9 kids aged 7 to 15 and sentenced to 20 years in an Aussie prison for being a gross piece of shit after being originally arrested for a total of 91 counts . He knew he was getting sick and made a request about a year ago to die outside of prison , but in a rare moment of clarity , he was refused release and mandated to die far away from any children he could harm .
for you liberal idiots who think he should have been given compassionate release , keep in mind that this fuckwad not only abused kids in his own country but was suspected of raping young fellas in Indonesia , holland , the USA , and Honduras , among other places with a chickenshit sidekick who hung himself some years ago . He even lived in Bali with four other perverts who would lure in little kids to use as objects and videotape the "fun" for posterity. He told everyone within earshot that he thought buggering young people was perfectly normal in his demented little world and was proud to have photographed such horrors.
However , this scumbag got his just desserts , dying isolated from anything resembling a positive human experience - hated by inmates , guards , and the world .
Normally , i'd be against dancing on someone's grave , but I'm hoping people line up to desecrate your memory.


  1. That's what I call justice. Well, actually justice would have been having unspeakable acts committed against him while being videotaped for posterity, but I'll take what I can get. And, I garee that any bleeding heart liberal who feels he should have been "compassionately" released...would you feel the same if you, or one of your kids were one of the victims who will have to live with the memoriy of this Asshat for the rest of their lives. I bet there are a lot of victims putting on their dancng shoes. I also hope that, if there is such place as Hell..they have pedophile buggering parties.

  2. where does the line start?? people like this don't even deserve a grave. burn the bastard, then flush.


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