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Monday, July 27, 2009

Comment To the "Fine Folks at Jewlist

The fearmongerers over at are at it again with their divisive speech that even advocates genocide in some posts utilizing the usual "Illuminati" , "Elders of Zion" (published as fictional BTW) , "Holocaust Revisionist" ideology , and as much as I hate their words , they have a right to publish whichever erroneous ideology they wish , with the exception of promoting murder , which they do . Thusly , I figured I'd opine in an intelligent manner , given the fact that my voice may be the first post-room-temperatue IQ reply they may receive in the coming weeks , months , or years ; and here it is :

I'm not anonymous , in fact feel quite free to peruse my site - it is your right to state your opinion as much as it is mine . I personally find your website offensive to my sensibilities , but you can seriously state whatever you want and justify it with whatever antiquated prejudices just as I have the right to state my opinion .
You may find this odd coming from one of the people you profess to hate - I am not a banker , simply a humble construction worker with a mechanic for a mum and a taxi driver for a pop . But I am a Jew and all of this financial control of the world thing seems entirely foreign to my humble existence .
To advocate the extermination of any ethnic or religious group seriously takes some psychopathy - I don't hate Christians or Muslims or anyone really , but I do want to be able to do my job without fear of being murdered for something innate , as we all should .
That said , I believe firmly that few are beyond redemption . We all , as law-abiding decent taxpayers deserve the right to pursue peaceful existence as intended by democracy and if you choose to remove yourself from the positive human experience , that is your option . If you are so obsessed with sending people back "where they came from" , why not return yourself and your mates to the European nations of your origins and allow North America to be inhabited by Aboriginal Peoples?



  1. Watch this video and try to answer the questions it challenges "good" jews to answer:

    This is a legitimate challenge, give it a try!

  2. Seriously , your neo-fascist brethren must ADORE you - willing to disrespect half of your ethnicity to make points while arguing against others , for the DESTRUCTION of people you don't know. And you were bitching about being racially profiled? Come on .
    They would take your race-mixing ass just as mine and throw you in the chamber - we might die side-by-side in the great pogrom of your dreams.
    Sugar coated bullshit might taste a little better , but do you really want to eat it?

  3. LOL, typical. I knew you would try and spin this around without addressing a single point made in the video...not even one!

    By the way, exactly how did you find my site to begin with? I know, the JIDF emergency alert sent out to the global jewish syndicate to attempt to censor my right to free speech.

    I still have that right here in my country-though your kind work feverishly to end that- perhaps you out to go check out what the great American patriot and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin had to say about jews--all jews--it's on my front page. I will stand by Franklin and his words of wisdom.

    Also, I am familiar with "megaphone" and "Hasbara" and other schemes your masters have set up against us gentiles who dare stand against you. Unfortunately probably paid for by donations from moron xian zionists and from unsuspecting American taxpayers with the billions of dollars given to Occupied Palestine every year because AIPAC uses strong arm extortion and has control over the corrupt government leaders in Washington who are only too happy to give our money to your criminal empire while America crumbles and we beg loans off of communist China.

    The tale is long and complicated with many players but when you follow the money trail to its source it always leads back to your members of your tribe.

    It's bedtime, I really do work in construction so I must sleep, and I will end with this: that in 20 plus years I have yet to run across a single jew in the field, funny because I live in a big jew infested city and if there were one to be had I think I should have met one over the years.

  4. While it was a good effort to get this person to even think a different way, Mika, they will never understand anything but hate. It is probably bred into them, just like aggression is bred into a fighting dog. They probably have the same IQ also. There should be no place in the world for this kind of bullshit, but unfortunately there is, and always has been. Let them believe what they have been brainwashed to believe, and know that for every one of these idiots out there, there are millions of people who just want everybody to live their own lives in peace. I am one of those people who feel that way and I support everyones right to do the same!!

  5. I did make a decent effort , but alas , from a 120-degree roof , I simply cannot implore you to like me or even remove your hate from me as an INDIVIDUAL , which is very tragic . But in good nature , I will answer a few of your queries , Mr . Jewlist .
    #1 . I oppose criminal enterprising as a whole , but your conspiracy theories are simply unsubstantiated . How , as an average citizen , have I offended your way of life? Well , I have not . I put roofs on schools . That's what i do , like it or not . The reason why most jewish construction workers hide their religious identities is because of the fact that there are more bigots , than say , in your chosen "banker " profession . It is simply easier to be open about who you are when your life is not threatened because of it . I have a jewish coworker who is 6'4 and 240 but is certainly not open about it because of such prejudices.

    #2 : Your statement that we are innate psychopahtic personalities . I , in fact , find the opposite . The old Syrian cabinetmaker down the road donates to tons of charities , as do I . We generally view psychopathy amongst any peoples as abhorrent , and most people should .

    #3 Benjamin Franklin : well , he may have had some serious issues , including authoring an act requiring male homosexuals to be castrated and females to have a "hole no less than one half inch in diameter" bored through her nose and spiked . He promoted various puritanical beliefs during his tenure , but eventually came to the conclusion that blacks should be freed and that ANY decent observance of a higher power was for the greater good of humanity . People , including he , were and are indeed permitted to change their minds and preconceptions . Opinions aren't assholes , they are colostomy bags : when we come to the conclusion that one is full of shit , we can trade it in for a new one.

  6. #4 : Quite simply , the Holocaust is historical FACT : millions of Gypsies , Homosexuals , Poles , Soviets , Catholic , Jehovah's Witnesses , and others were killed , as well as Jews , my non-Jewish paternal grandmother witnessed it . It is abhorrent , and somthing best never to repeat , certainly not with a cat like you as the next Fuhrer .

    #5 : While you wish to seldom believe it , there is good in you . There is love in there ; I can sense it . There is your opposition to being treated as inferior for your mixed race despite your accomplishments , and I do sincerely relate . I have been denied promotions because of the assumption that I "come from money" (which I don't in any form) , I have been harassed , had attempts on my untimely death , been refused jobs , and been demoted . All because of prejudice , and not my ability to do the job correctly . How is that justifiable? And the answer is , it ISN'T . If I were your boss , I wouldn't demote you for superficial reasons , so why does something innate justify your hatred and the hatred of others and the fact that my head is full of scars?

    #6 : The paranoid element of some "illuminati" type of Cabal taking over . Quite simply , the world is diverse . Are the accomplshments of an immigrant Jew to be treated with disdain , or simply all migrants ? Quite simply , immigrants DO make for the best of the best because they have something to strive for - their families , health , and status all depend on their ability to provide. So , the little dude becomes a math whiz , the big dude a farmer. My grandparents were farmers . You do what is essentially for family survival , and while I agree that racism has neccessitated some allegiances to exist = there are black businessmen's groups , gay business groups , Chinese athlethic leagues and even jewish carpenter's groups - people DO assimilate but are being now forced to find some of their kind due to racism . Racism occurs within every community , and it really does suck . The people I work with didn't know what a Jew was , but they were taught , it was something to hate . But after working with me , they discovered that we are not a foreign species . Try hangin with a Jewish roofer , we are pretty cool , and much like you ...

    .....and finally , what the heck is the JIDF?

  7. Mr. Jewlist, Firstly I am a Jew, and I have changed the minds and thinking of people who think like you. I am not at all angry about your perceptions. Roof expressed herself beautifully as usual and I really wonder how much of it you really took in and thought about. Are you up to the challenge or just so full of hate you can't see past your own beliefs? Is it too late for you to see another perception, another truth, the real true story. I'm asking you to join us (ofcourse if it's ok with Roof)in a chat room. Roof has chats often at tinychat. Are you open to a calm, mature exchange of beliefs? Roof I hope you're ok with me initiating this chat. If you're not then don't join in although I'm not sure Mr. Jewlist will come. This environment may be too threatening. It's so much easier to throw out hate anonymously.


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