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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scumbag of a Lifetime

I have refrained from discussing the Casey/Caylee anthony case for the simple reason that it is virtually impossible for me to comprehend the idea of a mother taking the life of her own , and I REALLY wanted to presume Casey Anthony to be innocent of the callous and selfish murder of the one she was OBLIGATED to protect from harm ..
But today it was announced that prosecutors were going to be seeking the ultimate penalty as prescribed by the state of Florida for enhanced First Degree murder of a child ; that is , the deliberate taking of the life of a child under 12 .
First Degree Murder . Think about this for a second - she took the life of her baby with utmost malice , this wasn't a punishement gone awry nor an accident ;' had such a thing occurred , there would be a lesser , but appropriate charge attached. And in order for the Death penalty enhancement to even be CONSIDERED , the prosecutors must have explicit knowledge of intent to end a life , not simply the speculation of Nancy Grace and the outlandish "pundits" at TMZ.
Everything in me wanted there to be a mystery pervert , a visible scumbag , a boogeyman out there to have taken the innocent - not a MOTHER - but now I am realizing that not only is it possible , it is fucking PROBABLE !
In my life , I have seen my own mother foresake the safety of us kids for the affections of the men she hoped to impress and I've seen others SWORN BY GOD to protect children abuse and allow to be abused by others lives that deserve our ultimate protection and I do firmly now believe in the probability that this so-called mother took her baby's life for her own SELFISH CONVENIENCE.
I'm not going to offer ANY reasonable excuse for your actions - you are a worthless little bitch!
You KNEW what you were doing , you KNEW there was a reasonable "out" , you KNEW there were people out there who wanted to love and protect that angel and would take the responsibility "off your hands" and you still took her!
I am fundamentally against the Death Penalty per se , but , for you , there is no other option - you committed the WORST offense imaginable and you should pay with your life , behind bars being the bitchgirl of the beastiest biker butches until you call it a life or until the state makes you ride the lightning . You deserve nothing but contempt , no solace , no joy . you have taken it from your child , your humiliated family , and the world. You have made life so fucking harsh for those who love you that they even want to take their own lives .
You are the epitome of evil and evil must be exterminated.


  1. As a mama, this story just eats my inside up. I think what bothers me the most is the fact that this type of horrific crime is happening more and more. I'm a mother and i've felt overwhelmed at times but the thought of my life would be better without the 2 of you in my life has never crossed my mind. The thought of wow, i could use some help and a break certainly has. That is normal thought and not everyday is going to be easy with kids but holy fuck man...ask for help don't kill your child...

    It's just something i can't wrap my head around...makes me feel heavy in my chest and tear brim in my eyes...having seen photos of Caylee and what a beauty she could you look at that little face and think my life would be better off without you...never in a million years but that's just sane old me...all i can think now is off with her head...gruesome but it's just how i feel and it's nothing i want to feel towards another human but in this case, there isn't any other option :(

  2. I have watched this story from the very beginning. I watched it on Nancy Grace at 3 a.m. (I'm a insomniac) and it got to the point that I couldn't watch it anymore. My stomach was in knots and I ended up with a horrific headache.

    I hate to say it but I hope she does get the death penalty. To be in prison for the rest of her life is too good for her.

  3. I honestly think she either gave the kid to someone or had the kid taken from her and she was killed by them because of the timeline when the body was found, etc., but it doesn't matter. She knew 1000% more than she ever said about that baby's fate and she deserves to rot in prison every day for the rest of her life or even the death penalty if they can 100% prove she killed caylee.

  4. This is one of the saddest/sickest story's to break in a very long time.I had a gut feeling she did it from the very start. As a mother of 4, i could not imagine being out partying while one of my kids was "missing". tuct tape over her mouth with a little heart sticker makes it fucking PERSONAL. this was not a perv or child molester, this was her MOTHER.I hope she does NOT get the death penalty, I would much rather read in the headlines that some hard core bitches in prison do exactly to her as she did to Caylee. I would kill over anyone of my kids. This bitch is a freak of nature. A narcissistic cunt that was so self absorbed, she killed her own flesh and blood so she could pursue her pleasures and spite her mother. deep down inside i wish HER mother had done this to her years ago. im jus sayin...


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