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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pimp My Pimp

OK , shitheads who think you are being all cool sounding like hoodrat trash thinking terms like "pimp" are all fly and make you sound macho , I have a few words ....
Now , any of you kids out there know that real pimping is wrong on every fucking moral level - it's subjugation and abuse of women on a large scale . The idea of some illiterate lazy useless trashbag beating a woman and putting her out on the street corner can and does gross you out . It's misogynism and hate for a new generation and even women are eating this shit up : degrade yourself and you'll get to hang with the Alpha dog who will use you fo his own pleasure , and it's racist to boot . Black dudes selling themselves out to other dudes glorifying the worst elements of humanity that reminds people of Blaxploitation , but in this generation the perps are often people of their own race selling misery to young white subsurban kids who think it's all cool subculture.
Now , for a fairly brief year of my life , I engaged in the actual occupation , and I'm not proud of this - I mean these young mamas actually asked ME to give them protection , mainly so the real assholes wouldn't take them , and I took full advantage . I ran the roads and carried guns and got in scraps , and I'll tell you all something - I could OWN most of the douches who think this pimp culture bullshit is cool .
So I think we need a new reality show - I'd call it "Pimp My Pimp" . The premise would involve taking the worst hoodrat woman-beating fucktards and putting them on the stroll after a few sound beatings and make them give fuckin hummers and rimjobs for a week to see how they would feel about the whole process . I'm thinking that these bastards would be crying after the first chokehold . Every night , they'd get the option of sitting in a "confessional" and blowing their brains out with a Glock . We'd offer college educations and extra beefy boyfriends as prizes . Got any other ideas? Post em' ... pretty please.


  1. Dang it. Of course, you're right about the word pimp. It's used so much now for "good" tings, like "pimp my ride" that I used it for my picture touch up business without thinking.


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