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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Legal Bud?

Before I get started , I am in NO WAY promoting drug use . It is illegal and stoners really aren't as cool as they think they are . And don't get me started on the other drugs .

Okay , since pot and it's related smokables are illegal for most people in most places , people are looking to other things for a buzz and enterprising head shop owners are filling the demand by coming up with some weird combinations they claim will bring about a relaxing and psychedelic experience . Personally , I think they are capitalizing on the paranoia brought about by ridiculous personal behaviour laws , but it's their right to sell snake oil - or is it?
Some of the smoking mixtures contain familiar traditional Aboriginal medicinal herbs as well as poppy flowers (wait a minute - doesn't opium come from a poppy?) , scotch broom , hops , and even lettuce . These plants have not been tested and some of them are quite toxic . And they sell pills too without warning people that 5-HTP and St. John's Wort can have negative side effects and are actually prescription drugs in many countries .
At least people know what they can expect with real pot to a large degree . Okay , so it is WAY more atomic than medical marijuana or the stuff we had in high school and nobody should drive on it , but you will probably be goofy , hungry and sleepy . You will likely be harmless to anyone but might decide that Cheetos and chocolate fondue are a good combination . (My old high-school munchout was Fried egg sandwiches with Casesar salad dressing.)
Personally , if you were my friend , i'd rather you smoke grass and laugh yourself to sleep rather than down a bottle of whiskey and beat up random people , and I'd certainly not want you wasting your money and potentially your health on this garbage . The aggressive scrutiny of adult personal behaviour is ridiculous and makes criminals out of everyday citizens and is creating an exploitative and unregulated industry .

Life is strange.

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