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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holy Fuck - This is North America??

OK , kids , I know I'm not really in any business to be talking about American politico shistains , but I've a few pals in Oklahoma who are severely disturbed about the fact that 58% of their population voted for Sally Kern , so I am gonna open my big mouth .

There was a time when the Republican Party in America was fiscally responsible and very equal : Martin Luther King was a Republican , as was Lincoln . Sure , there were some members of the party with strong religious convictions , but there were those who were non-christians , and even atheists , and it went equally for the Democrats as well . Nowadays , both sides of the political spectrum are expected to adhere to a Christian ideal that is just plain ignorant , as evidenced by the number of Republicans who question whether Obama is "Christian" enough and the number of Democrats who would never vote in a Jewish president .

Religiosity has become a part of policy on both sides of our fair border and I , for one , believe it violates EVERYTHING both of our nations stand for , and all it is doing is solidifying state and provincial divisions , with Florida pitted against New York and Ontario against Alberta - last time I checked , in both of our cases , it was a "nation under God" and not "many nations under Jesus" .

I thought we were supposed to be pulling together in lean times , instead of warring , conserving dollars spent on P.R. in order to give it to the needy - then why were taxpayers forced to spend money on Oklahoma's ridiculous hate-filled proclamation against the Government (you can find the full shebang HERE ) ?? and why were Canadian taxpayers forced to spend vast sums now and in the future on divisive legislation like Bill 44 ? All the while , kids all over our continent are sufferring ..I just do not get it - Where is the love , the unity , the FREEDOM? And where is this money magically coming from?

Stop creating fucking diversions and do your jobs as prescribed by LAW . To do otherwise is FRAUD and I hope with every fibre of my being that every maligned citizen of Oklahoma and
Alberta protests and writes letters and does whatever they can legally to make your scumbag lives miserable so you walk out the door .
People like Sally Kern and Ed Stelmach are the REAL social disease.


  1. UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE.Our Country is getting more and more frightening.

    i'm staying as close to New York or LA as possible and when that fales I'm out-of-here!

    Small minds are now taking over.


  2. We as Americans should be so proud of ourselves. How in the FUCK does someone like this get elected? She is basically talking out of both sides of her mouth. We dont mean to offend, but most of you are shit on the bottom of Jesus' sandles and we are supreme because we are going to give this proclomation. What a bunch of fuckin' idiots.

  3. while you're on the topic of American politicians ... I give you one of the worst human beings on the planet ...


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