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Friday, July 10, 2009

WTBlueFUCK of the Weak

Some douchebags down south up some graves - okay , not just some , hundreds - and sold the plots off thinking nobody would notice. They also stuck Emmett Till's previous casket in a shed instead of giving it to the family or a historial association as they should have. They even dug up the bodies of people's kids and just dumped their casks into piles . and this was apparently done by some greedy and lazy employees without the owner's knowledge . , wait a minute!
How the HELL is someone gonna dig up 500 graves in a cemetary you own without you knowing? I am thinking that's a pretty far-fetched concept.
and another thing .... Who the hell exhumes and demolishes the bodies of the recently deceased ? Sick fucks like Ed Gein used to get their jollies off of this and I'm wondering if the grave-diggers got some sick pleasure in doing this ....I mean outside of the moral , ethical ramifications of such acts , dead people aren't neccessarily the most appetizing "subjects" in the hot midwest summertime . Yes , it's been said that they made some payola out of it , but seriously , this takes a sick mind really. Have they no respect for the war heroes and babies they dug up for what doesn't work out to be a huge payout?! They think because they are digging up Black cats nobody is going to notice when they can't find their loved ones? COME ON!!
Apparently , the sickos are looking at 6-to-30 for this and I hope they spend it being "comforted" by the spirits they messed with.

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