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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Because Kids are NOT Sex Objects

Recognize this logo ? If not , you should . It is the logo representative of the North-American Man-Boy Love Association , or NAMbLA . Now why is the "b" in the logo lowercase you may ask? Well , because Men are big and boys are small ...creepiness incarnate . These sick fuckers claim to represent the rights of children to be sexual beings , for example defending the rights of the teenage girls nailed for kiddie porn for taking their own nude photographs , but they are a cover group for the defense of same-sex paedophiles . They use ancient tales of Sappho and Abu Nuwas to justify their pederastic intentions and raise funds for those incarcerated (justifiably , in my educated opinion) of sex offenses involving children . One of their oft-quoted pervs is currently incarcerated for molesting boys and girls under 14 . Their justification is that the grown are the best counsellors for gay youth , which I do agree , but their methods include introduction into sex with adults , which is absolutely abhorrent . How could one claim to care for kids while promoting paedophilia? Well , simply put , it is an asinine argument and a criminal conspiracy and these perverts are justifiably shunned by 99% of the gay community , but are held as a flagship by the "Christian Right" for their "recruitment" strategies much to the detriment of sexual and gender minorities as whole .
NAMbLA and its related pedo projects have been long dismissed as irrelevant and barely existent ... but WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE ...!!!!!

They do exist , have addresses in New York and San Francisco , use "freedom" to publish periodicals and have conferences . They have been driven to the outskirts , but are still around . Now what can we do ? Well , simple , flood their phone message boards , mailboxes , and e-mails so that they simply cannot respond to the requests of perverts - I have done this before , permanently shutting down the telephone message board "hateline" , run by the now-defunct Neo-Fascist Heritage Front . And here's the info :
P O Box 174 Midtown Station
New York, NY 10018
537 Jones St., No. 8418
San Francisco, CA 94102
Click to Send your message to:

New York voice-mail: (212) 631-1194

For the brave

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