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Friday, July 10, 2009

Couldn't This Wait?

Okay , i get that a lot of the world's faithful see the Pope Benedict as iconic and wise despite intellectual opinion to the contrary and thusly Barack and Mama Obama would want to have a chitchat with him at some point in time as a matter of course - but really , is right now the appropriate time for this photo op? Okay , now this is a nice way for Obama to promote his love for his Islamic buddies by meeting with the dude that thinks ill of them , but how about showing that brotherly love and at least issuing a decree against the oppressive regimes of the world instead of sending diplomats to kiss syria's ass while you gallavant around the issues?
Anyone with a few stem cells KNOWS that you and Mr. Virgin Boy are going to disagree on stem research , abortion and women's rights , and so does the Pontiff , so couldn't you put this off to another time?
Your country is under terrorist threat from kim Jong-il , Fuckhood Imintojihad , and various factions as well as being mired in a continual working-class financial struggle . these are REAL and IMMEDIATE concerns , but get this - they aren't even addressing Iran until some meeting in Pennsylvania in SEPTEMBER.
There IS a time to meet the man that may control your political future 4 years from now - Catholics don't much care for you or your policies anyways .
Couldn't this wait?
...catch Barack on his sightseeing tour of Ghana this weekend...

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