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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank God...

.... for the existence of beautiful specimens of humanity such as Brad Blauser . This gentleman lives and works in Iraq and while working as a contractor discovered that there were a litany of forgotten children , often relegated to dark rooms in family homes when their agricultural-class parents couldn't carry them from place to place . This struck this kind man to the core and he petitioned friends abroad to donate children's wheelchairs , and Iraqi Cops were delighted to get the chairs to the neediest , often risking their own lives to do so . Last year , Mr. Blauser quit his job but remained in Iraq distributing hundreds of wheelchairs that adjust as kids grow , giving hope and independence to wonderful children and their loving families . For most of these angels , they will have their first opportunities at socialization , education , and medical care and their families will have relief and their gratitude is infectious.
Today , do something to change the day or life of another for the better . One person really can affect the existence of a life. Follow the lead of inspiring humans like Brad Blauser and go out and make a difference .


  1. This is a great counter story to the crap we usually have to hear on a daily basis. It is nice to see the roofer feelin it about a positive story. Thanks for sharing this, we need a littl more humanity in our lives!!

  2. I love this story. Beautiful. Whenever you feel down, go out and do something for someone else. It is the very best medicine for whatever is bothering you and make them smile and/or laugh. You'll both feel better FACT

  3. This is a great story...for all that's bad and evil in this world there is good and wonderful...


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