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Thursday, July 23, 2009

On A Romantic Night

.... you have some dinner and vino and decide to go for a nightcap ...
.... Marvin Gaye (or Lords of Acid) is playing in the background .......
...... you're getting groovy and making your way toward the promised land ....
........ and you come across Dance Dance Fever VS GameBoy ...

What would be your reaction? - Shock? Surprise? Amusement? All of The Above?
I'm not sure if I'd laugh or be horrified.

Note to the Ladies : Having tattoos on your runway of hilariously unsexy things such as your kid's toys will not likely elicit the desirable response during intimate times . A sense of humour during sexy times is an asset but making your partner feel like a creepazoid is not . This is not a look one should aspire to .

Thank You for Your Time ;

love , Mika

1 comment:

  1. I on the other hand, LOVE this shit.

    Mark it up, make it stupid, funny, serious, sexy. Just make it yours.

    I love it. But then again ... I have a soda can and cupcake vomiting candy down my chest and my arm.


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