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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is why....

...In all of her hypocrisy , I still love Joan Rivers !!!
Watch 76 year-old tough bitch from hell lay the smackdown on this twit from Comedy Central .
The Gem's "and you shut up too , you big dyke" and when she BITES the dude's leg!!!

This is awesome!


  1. It use to be that when your life was spiraling out of control, a friend or family member would take you aside, point out your irrational behavior, and then suggest ways to correct it. Now, enter the age of Youtube and social media. Need a trip to the local rehab, or want to get payback for a undeserved slight, just keep that video device handy and you're sure to get it. Hollywood has always been the bacchanal boudoir of broken dreams and prostituted souls, its no secret that fame seldom travels without collateral damage, and this video and others like it, now popularized by the next generation paparazzi are perfect examples of it. The sad reality of this is people eat it up, it is fast tracked to that primal area of the brain wherein every thing above starts our ascent to evolutionary being and below, our decent into depravity. So I watched it what does that make me? Well, sadly enough and regrettably, I've been there, albeit sans the glitz and popularity, only the insanity of it all.

  2. It is sometimes sad that when we witness the insanity of others , it forces us to look inside and help ourselves . Or that is the hopeful end .
    Unfortunately , far too many of us look at this and don't look within , just have a laugh at it without getting the point .
    I am fortunate enough to have people point out when I'm getting a lil selfish , diva-like as it were , and I adjust myself after some soul-searching.
    The problem is simply that so many of old Hollywood types are surrounded by sycophants and sometimes their behaviour must be brought into the public spectrum. Hopefully Ms. Rivers gets the message that this is really not the way to treat people.

  3. wow...give her a Valium, a coke and a smile

  4. i don't really think that this real...i think she did it for a joke..i mean she posted the link on Twitter...i mean we can all make fun of Joan for her choice to have numerous elective surgeries but honestly she is a true comedienne...She is super witty, sassy and of course crude...i honestly think this is just a joke clip...kind of like when Micheal Cera pulled a Christian Bale..i love shit like this :)


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