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Friday, March 26, 2010

Away Arenas


Gilbert Arenas was convicted of being an idiot and sentenced to the celebrity wrist slap : a cup of coffee in a halfway house, a puny fine, some "community service".  
  For those of you on Mars, the Washington basketball star brought several firearms into his team's locker room and threatened someone on his squad. That's right - he expressed the unsportsmanlike desire to intimidate a coworker with demise. If you or I were to do this, we'd be looking at at least 4 years in the slammer.

  Sissies are claiming that Mr. Arenas has a great opportunity to teach the youth a lesson, and he does have several to teach. First, the world is all about YOU and your needs- those guys you work and play with are just gonna hold you down so you must assert your superiority at all costs. Next lesson - if you try really hard to make it to the highest level of your profession, the laws of the land do not apply to you. Third- if someone threatens your manliness, you best make him your bitch. Finally- truth doesn't set you free, money does. You can lie , corrupt morals, and hurt people so long as you have the green. Make mo' money boys and girls and you'll be a hero. 

Nice example, assholes. Just another example of the justice system being robbed at gunpoint.

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