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Monday, March 8, 2010



 Ben Roethlisberger has been accused yet again of violating a woman in the worst way imaginable and this time the police are involved. People are lining up to defend the guy because he can toss a football really well, but not I.  While I do believe in guilt after proof, if this guy is a rapist he should be locked up just like any other violent pervert. 

  But others scream that he is being "victimized" by such accusations, which may have physical proof in this instance. The reasoning behind such defense is our sexist opinions that we are not willing to give up. We EXPECT that no woman should or would refuse the advances of a famous man. After all , women are just chattel for the use and abuse of the deserving man who got fame with a talent from God. All women are are starfuckers and gold diggers and property in the jaded eye of the public who doesn't want to believe that their "hero" could really be a monster. 

  But what if Ben Roethlisberger and other entitled people are? There are evil people in all segments of society who simply do not have the same modus operandi of the rest of us. There have been instances of paedophillic priests and doctors, lawyers and teachers. The kind of individuals that we all tell our kids to aspire to. And whenever one of these guys gets busted we justifiably want his balls on a platter. But not athletes. They are seemingly immune to such scrutiny . What if the same sociopathy that makes someone great on the field cannot always be switched off? There are a seemingly endless number of reports of pro athletes assaulting their spouses and even strangers, so why couldn't the natural progression of hatred towards women be true? Rape is a crime of hate and violence, not sex . If Ben Roethlisberger is guilty of such evil he should rot in a cell for the remainder of his days like any other reprehensible stain on humanity.

  We need to rethink the pedestal that we put the famous on and bring our suppositions down to Earth. We also need to rethink our societal disdain of women if we seek anything resembling equality.

  No matter how much money you have, NO means NO.

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  1. Those PEOPLE on tv and those who are in movies and in sports are just ordinary people with lots of money. They should not be above the law EVER!! THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE FULL OF FLAWS and if he is guilty, lock him up stat!!


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