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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big Shocker

 Jesse James has entered rehab. Is anyone surprised, here? I mean EVERYONE who is anyone nowadays goes into some for of "treatment" facility every time they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar of one stripper too many.

   His "rep" claims he's trying to save his marriage, but maybe he should have thought about his old lady before boning a half-dozen walking venereal disease postergirls. Because he got caught and can't handle the heat from the fire he started, he runs and hides in a facility designed for people with ACTUAL addictions and mental disorders. Normally, the affairs of self-absorbed shits like Jesse don't concern me, but it does when his very actions dismiss the sufferings of those in REAL need of a medical doctor and not one of spin.

  Enjoy your vacation dickweed.


  1. Sandra Bullock, I will tattoo "Pay up sucker" in the palm of ur hand for FREE. Get in touch with the Roofer, she knows where to find me. As for Jesse James you talented muthafukka, you fucked both UP & DOWN at the same time. Bullock was way out of your range,but you fucked down to 4 slut puppies that deserve you and whatever die-sease your cankered up needle dick gives them. You & Tiger give "whoremaster's" a bad name. Love, Razor. (TY to the Roofer for allowing me to extend this offer to Miss Bullock on her kick ass blog)

  2. Agreed. He can get all the therapy he wants but there is no cure for an absence of character.

    He'd just to do it again.


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