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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dumb Jock Itch


 This irritation has long been a staple of arenas all over the place, primarily ice hockey and basketball, but I've heard it elsewhere. It is possibly one of the most annoying abuses of the musical spectrum ever, but that isn't even the worst thing. 

  The dude who (de)composed it is Gary Glitter, and people keep forgetting that he's a scumbag of the worst kind. 
  Here's a sampling of the wrongs he has been charged with:

In 1997 - Downloading and possessing thousands of items of child pornography(convicted and placed on the UK sex predator registry)
1999 - Molesting a 14 year old in the 1970's (barely acquitted)
2002 - Deported from Cambodia for child sexual abuse
2005 - Arrested in Vietnam for raping 10 and 11 year old girls (charges dropped)
2006 - Arrested and convicted in Vietname for sexually abusing 11 and 12 year old girls

  So suffice it to say that the dude likes to do ghastly things with little girls, but hey it wasn't little boys, so it must fly okay with the sports gods. And it's catchy right?

   Am I the only person out there whose blood BOILS every time his shit is played at an event? Why aren't people more pissed off? I don't get it for the life of me. Why haven't we made this asshole's jams vanish like we want all perverts to? Isn't it an injustice to all of the babies this dickweed has harmed to have them hear reminders all over the place?

  But we're just stupid sports fans who don't notice we're being made a mockery of.

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  1. Well said. He's scum. No-one should have to listen to his music ever again. Hopefully part of the ticket price is not going to him as royalties - gag.


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