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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just For Fun : Kiss The Fish

There is little doubt that this is one funny sign. 

This sign reminds me of an Eastern Canadian drinking ritual, most popular in Newfoundland. It's called "screeching in". Screeching in is a ritual for folks from other provinces to join the clan. 
Screech is a vicious and potent dark rum that either comes from Jamaica or Newfoundland. It is so named because an American soldier drank a huge swig and screamed because it was so horribly potent. And his buddies all had the same result. I digress...

The ritual takes various forms and generally involves being told newfie stories, having to eat Maple Leaf Wax bologna, hard bread, raw fish , or some other local delights(!) , and then a big swig of the screech followed by a peppermint nob. (It's a delicious candy. My newfie step-granny sent me some.) After the booze, the victim must kiss a cod fish. Then he or she must recite some local poem or limerick, and if it is screwed up (which it usually is) the screechee must drink more of the liquid death. After surviving, the person is proclaimed an honourary Newfoundlander. 

Here's a snippet of a lady mainlander getting the island treatment. Enjoy!

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