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Saturday, March 27, 2010



There has been a lot of talk about paedophilia, wife-beating, and other horrid things seemingly sanctioned by the Catholic Church. Tales of refused divorces (annulments by credo), forced pregnancies when the mother is in peril, and every form of perversion imaginable. But THIS takes the cake that nobody wants. 

  A child of 16 years vanished in Potenza, Italy 17 years ago. Missed by her parents daily, her memory always as fresh as the morning sun. This child was murdered and her body was recently found by a parish priest during a roof reconstruction. The priest never reported finding a partially mummified PERSON in the roof. He never said a word because he knew that locals had long suspected another priest of ending this child's life. Eliza Claps may have also been a victim of a multiple killer, yet the priest denied her family the closure and may have set a killer free. 

  Danilo Restovo is a suspect as well as a now deceased priest in this as well as another murder. The body of this girl was not discovered yesterday, but in JANUARY. 

  Coming from a mixed religious background, I do know a LOT about Catholic thoughts toward the deceased. The deceased must be treated with the same dignity and respect as the living, for their spirit still lives in those they knew. Why would ANYONE, particularly a man who took all of the oaths, hide the body of a slain human? 

  The answer is simple. Those who become priests in our day and age are not holy people for the most part. In our times, folks want to serve a higher authority but have families and responsibilities and live their lives as the example. The chaste priesthood does not reflect humanity and thusly attracts those with horrid intentions and antisocial values to it. There are indeed a few who do opt for the career out of goodness, but the majority do not. They choose a career that they believe will cure them of their sinister impulses, but prayer alone cannot cure inhumanity. It takes bravery and action that hiding behind a cloth will not accomplish. 

  Tales such as these have confirmed to me exactly why my devout step-grandmother left the Catholic Church after over 75 years of service. There is indeed evil in the world and one Church has become the magnet. Reform or be reviled. 

  May Miss Claps rest with the angels.


  1. Here are some articles written in english FYI:




    Actually there isn't a "suspect-priest" involved, the only suspect is Mr. Danilo Restivo, who was was twice arrested on suspicion of her murder but was released without charge, and who has also always denied being one of the last people to have seen Miss Claps alive.

  2. I hope this case will highlight 2 important problems: italian justice and the "code of silence" of the Catholic Church, you never seem to get church-related infos at the right time, unless people speak up!

  3. We have come to the point where we no longer need the church to commune with God. When we listen directly to God, we only have to be concerned about our own ego getting in the way. When we listen to the church, we have to be concerned about the egos of everyone who ever participated in formulating those ideas.


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