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Sunday, March 14, 2010



For those who haven't had the opportunity to check this fella out, he is Derek Paravicini. He has been playing concerts since he was 9 and has stretched what people considered to be perfect pitch beyond imagination. Derek can recognize over 20 notes played SIMULTANEOUSLY. By comparison, the most talented musicians can recognize 4 or 5. Not only can he play any song he has ever heard, he can play it in any key and musical style and can improvise missing segments of songs he has only heard part of. It's once-in-a-lifetime that someone as gifted comes along, possibly rarer.

  But the interesting thing is that Derek Paravicini cannot even tie his own shoes. He was born 15 weeks premature and the efforts to save his life left him blind and brain damaged. He is also autistic and has several learning disabilities. Unable to master the simplest tasks and unable to determine time beyond the immediate, he requires constant supervision and protection for the ill-doers of the outside world. But since discovering the piano at age 2, Derek Paravicini has discovered something incredible that brings joy to he and all around him. 

  The point is this : we ALL have a place in the world and can accomplish extraordinary feats when we utilize what is in us that makes us FEEL. Everyone has something special to contribute, sometimes we just need a little help to discover what makes us a unique element of the human experience. 

Be well. 

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