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Friday, March 5, 2010


 A lady in California is being investigated after the body oh a baby girl was found in a trash can. Seems Jessie Canfield didn't "know" she was pregnant and gave birth to the child at a house party. 
  This leaves me curious about some things. First, not knowing you are knocked up might be something more applicable to 15 year-old rural kids - I don't buy a 24 year-old urban woman not knowing unless she's a total wastoid. But even under the theory that this broad is an addict of some extraction how does one not know they are in labour? I think I'm speaking for the 53% of the population that has at some time possessed a uterus when I say that giving birth is NOT a fucking picnic. The woman gave BIRTH to a 6 pound human being. Could one of those yoyos pry themselves from their beer pint for one minute to dial 911 or at least a taxi? 
  And here's another thing. In California, there is an amnesty program where someone can drop an infant off at a hospital or other safe place without penalty. There was a firehouse 2 blocks away from the party that dingbat really wanted to get back to. I also cannot fathom the idea that someone could take an infant past partygoers, let alone revelers who were relatives with zero notice. 
  I cannot understand what makes some people devoid of parental instinct let alone the inhumanity required to leave a child to die alone.

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  1. trust me when i say, i don't think that woman should be allowed to be happy again.

    although i can fanthom the idea of her not knowing she was pregnant *have you watched the discovery documentary of women who didn't know it?* and her not knowing she was in labour *yes... some women are so lucky the baby just pops out...* but to do that afterwards is plain cruel.

    news like these devastate me. who knows what that child could've been like?


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