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Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Can't Make This Shit Up

  Scandal sells, and politicos are making bank after epic fuckups that would destroy those of the past. 
And sometimes scandal makes the related riffraff famous as a result. Here we have Kristin Davis, PIMP (Madam just makes it seem socially acceptable) to the rich and powerful, most notably Eliot Spitzer.
  See, the convicted FELON is after Spitzer's former job. That's right, she's running for governor. 

  Now I know that technically everyone can run for office, but maybe we need some regulation. I mean this broad did TIME for selling esteemless girls into a life punctuated by drugs and diseases. she won't get in, or at least I fucking hope because stunts like this just serve to further undermine  public office. 

  Besides, she's a dipshit.

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