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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Repeat THIS

  This convicted pervert was arrested under suspicion of raping and murdering a 17 year old child in California . A body suspected to be that of Chelsea King was found and this cat is thought to have put her into an early grave as well as attacking other girls in the area. The crime he served time for in 2000 was related to detaining, molesting, and beating on a 13 year old girl who narrowly escaped his clutches . This brave child's statement put the monster in prison for over 5 years, but it was just not enough. This stain on the human condition should not have been free just because his victim was crafty and lucky enough to escape. 

  If you look into the criminal backgrounds of the most notorious child butchers, you will notice an alarming similarity - all in recent memory had been arrested and most had served time for various forms of attacks on children. Clifford Olson, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer are a few of the many disgusting psychopaths who had "practice" victims before their heinous murdering sprees. Sex offenders whine when their faces are plastered in the neighbourhoods yet whenever someone goes missing, it is one of their ilk to blame. 

  I get fire on here from "justice" advocates who say I am too extreme, but I do not care. If you harm a child in the most reprehensible way there should be no freedom for you. You should receive an automatic life sentence . I do not care if you raise my taxes to accomplish this, although with less dollars spent on chasing these fuckers around after release, there really shouldn't be much of a difference. Paedophiles currently incarcerated should not be eligible for release until they can PROVE that they are cured. 
  But what about the Constitution? Screw it. It is not cruel nor unusual to incarcerate people with such a tendency who have been convicted of crimes. In Canada, pattern offenders such as Gary Blair Walker have been declared "dangerous offenders", which is a designation that nearly assures a lifetime of incarceration. This has been confirmed as constitutionally appropriate time and again. This indeterminate sentence needs to be applied more frequently and adopted by other nations as the standard punishment for persons who are too hazardous to be released. 
   If you commit such heinous crimes, it is a matter of time before you repeat ; and if you have been convicted of destroying the essence of innocence you have given up your right to a humane existence.

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