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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Politically Correct Weapon of Mass Destruction

  On Monday morning, 2 Chechen women blew themselves up in Moscow's busy subway, taking around 40 souls with them and injuring large numbers of average folks travelling to work and school. One of the attacks was directly below the Russian Federal Security Service building, but the explosive belts were designed for maximum local human casualties and not destruction of a building. The cheaply made weapons shot construction hardware in every direction, ripping the bombers to shreds as well as many unfortunate people around them. And some disturbed people think these women died as heroes.

   While mainstream media thinks it is unsavoury to mention religion, the fact remains is that Chechens are overwhelmingly muslim, having ethnically cleansed out most others during wars for independence from Russia. Once a land with a diverse array of folks , the ethnic Russian minority has nearly vanished and the largely Christian Armenians have been forced elsewhere or killed. But the Chechens are oppressed people according to so-called human rights organizations.

   I'll agree that it is no picnic to live in Putin's Russia for most, but I don't think he is to blame here. What is to blame is a group of a million folks who believe that they cannot live within the confines of equality, and that those who are different from they are infidels who must be removed. Martyrdom is for those who need to compensate for grief or family shame, and martyrdom means mass murder. Women are easy to hide because the average old Russkie doesn't want to believe that someone who could be a wife and mother is a threat. But for the islamic zealot, the woman is the preferred human explosive. Not only can she make up for the dishonour of divorce or some other religious "crime", but she can be used to inspire men to copycat crimes driven by their machismo. Pre-suicide videos recorded by feminine warheads often express their displeasure and dare men to act in grotesque ways.

   Well-meaning groups paint Chechens and other rebel factions as victims, but we must remember that every time a dissident Islamist faction is permitted to oppress their own people and insist on a separate existence, they become a force. The alliances of breakaway republics are modern-day Jihad, the struggle to overpower and destroy all of those they see as damaging to their increasingly repressive lifestyle. Many religions have eschewed progress and instead opted to try to turn back the clock yet see nothing wrong with using modern-day weaponry to further ideals that are hundreds of years past their expiry date. Political correctness has become dangerous. The evil factions use our insistence on it to kidnap brides, deport their neighbours, and murder strangers. While victims' mothers cry, there are people in Grozny dancing in celebration.

   The suicide bombers were veiled Muslim women, and I am not afraid to say it.

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