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Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Won't Believe Your Eyes


 Check this out, folks. These guys are 2 examples of the latest frontier in body modification- eyeball tattooing . I shit you not. These cats did it in prison, but I've seen video of the process and it looks horrifying. You don't use a gun, but something that looks kind of like the needle one uses to truss a roast. There'a another method involving a hypodermic needle.  They not only ink the fronts of the whites, but roll their eyes back and ink that. 
  The first dude known to do this was a few years ago in Toronto, and it was a creepy thing to see. I have been pierced in places that would freak out a lot of folks, but this is so over and beyond the scope of my imagination. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or horrified. 

 The video below is a slideshow that includes several of these unusual tattoos. 


  1. lol yeah i have seen that, i do ink, but i would NEVER ink someones eyes ffs

  2. ...supposedly no nerve endings in your eye itself making it pretty easy to take. I mean fuck I'm going no where near it but it seems like it wouldn't hurt too badly if you could get by the staring at a needle as it inched closer to your eyeball.

  3. My eyes hurt just reading about it. YIKES! No thank you.


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