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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Few Words About Foursquare


 I wasn't entirely sure of what the hell Foursquare was but noticed it filling up my timeline, so I decided to check it out, thusly you won't have to . 
  Basically, it's a loyalty program with a bunch of annoying features. The idea is that you check in via mobile phone and all of your buddies can see where you are. If you are lucky enough, someone will join you at The Angry Beaver Saloon for a beer. You get points and badges for things to fuel your competitive desire . If you are the most loyal visitor of a location, you are the "mayor", and may score free shit. No problem with free stuff right?

  Well, not exactly. With Foursquare not only do you flood your twitstream, but you look like a self-important ass. Nobody really wants to know that you are tweeting while taking a dump in the can of Joe's Hellfire Tacos. 
  Plus, it is out there for the whole WORLD to see. If someone has been casing your joint, they'll know that you are taking your Pit Bull to the vet 12 miles away, leaving you open to invasion. Not only aren't you home, but neither is your mobile security system . Unscrupulous people even have apps telling their subscribers which Twitter and Facebook users are messaging on the road. It's also a security risk for other reasons. If you're a young lady who Foursquares from a bar at 2 AM (There's even a "Crunk" badge), a pervo could pick up on it . Sure, he'll be going to jail, but you'll be scarred for life. 

  We'd all love to live in a world without predatory assholes, but it just isn't the case. Do not let your kids use Foursquare and stop annoying your friends with it. Your personal safety is not worth a free coffee.

Be well.

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  1. my thoughts exactly. this is why I'm not on foursquare or FB places. seemed like common sense to me but I guess it's not always that common. remember in elementary school when the police came to the school & said "never tell the person on the other end of the phone that your parents aren't home"? My friends gave me crap a year ago (when I had roommates) when I posted on FB that I needed someone to dog sit because I was going to DC. My FB is private & I'm only friends with people I know in the real life. I still took the post down.


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