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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cool Toy


This is the iStraw and it is pretty neat. I was apprehensive about checking this out because of the whole "iRipoff" thing, but had to look into it anyways.

   What it is is a personal water filter that excludes 99.999% of Crypto, Giardia, and all of the other nasties that can make your trip to the jungle or Tijuana a pain in the ass. Unlike those purifier bottles, it works without the wait and it doesn't leave that creepy taste of the tablets. And at around 20 bones, it is the cheapest thing going and can make safe the equivalent of 1000 of those disposable bottles of H2O that cost a fortune in tourist shops.

   This thing is goofy-looking, but it's small and if you are lost on a hike, it could save your life. Even if your biggest adventure is Spring Break, it could save your guts and your cred when you need a dehydration-killing litre of the plain stuff between benders.

  Geek toy WIN.

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