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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Publicity 101

  PETA has drawn fire and applause from folks all over the spectrum for previous advertising campaigns, and this latest is no exception. The animal rights organization has paid Nadya Suleman $5000 plus a month's worth of vegan food for her enormous family to post this advert on her lawn. 

  You cannot get cheaper publicity than to have every news outlet on the planet talking about this, and in a rare instance, I'm with PETA here. Who better to advertise the perils of uncontrolled reproduction than Ms. Suleman? 

  It stinks that people are famous without talent, but it occurs, and if she's down with the ad, why not? One unaltered female cat and her offspring can multiply into over 400,000 critters in less than a decade, so we all should be getting our best friend fixed for health reasons as well as birth control. Besides, this is far less offensive in my mind than the previous ploy of using porn stars in adverts, and far more family-friendly.

  Hats off PETA, you've FINALLY passed Marketing 101.

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