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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fuck Off Friday : The Kardashian Sisters


 In a new fun addition to my blog, I had the idea to ask my readers exactly what annoys the hell out of them. Reader submissions won't be all I blog about on any given Friday, but they do give an insight into the opinions of the everyman. No celebutante clan pisses off reader Leroy Box like the Kardashians, and he wants you to know why.

  We've all heard about Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, but we don't really know why the hell they deserve the spotlight. Sure, their pop is OJ Defense Attorney Rob Kardashian, but what have these ladies done to deserve adulation? 
  The answer is not much. 

   After their stepbrothers appeared on Princes of Malibu, E! decided to give the princesses their own reality show. Kim, who is 29 now, is a divorcee who has found some fame from the series and posed for Playboy.  after the series, she has modeled sporadically and released a sex tape. She is famous for being famous and dating high-profile guys. She doesn't seem to have any other saving graces.
   Kourtney is 30 and has been a star of reality shows highlighting her high-class upbringing. After starring in the shows she has decided to lend her famous name to a boutique. She actually does have a degree in Theatre Arts from the university of Arizona and is a mother of a son. While I'll never dismiss the validity of motherhood, she still doesn't seem to warrant acclaim.
  And Khloe . Khloe is the youngest and tallest of the three reality stars. She co owns the boutique with her elder sister and is married to a basketball star. She has been arrested and served (a tiny 30 hours) time for DUI , but has lent her celebrity to some fairly worthwhile causes. She hosts a radio show and does seem to be the brightest of the clan. That said, her fame is still undeserved. 

  The Armenian triumvirate are the epitome of fame for its own sake. One couple's hard work made them into the entitled princesses they are. They've never needed employment, wanted for food, truly NEEDED a break.  They've entertained us solely because we desire to see how the privileged class lives, and that's it. 
  Shame on us for making stars out of the talentless, and shame on producers for spotlighting pseudoroyalty to make bank. 

  Fuck off, Kardashian girls, and get a real job.

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  1. This is cool, love it. Well spoken, Get a real job than let's see if you can afford those $5,000 shoes you tweet about..
    Leroy Box


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