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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Boatload of Problems

  As some of you may have heard, a ship was apprehended at CFB Esquimalt carrying 490 illegal Tamil migrants in their cargo hold. While it is estimated that many paid human traffickers as much as $50,000 for the voyage, Canadians will be stuck with a bill for far more than that.

  It is expected that the refugee claimants will desire to relocate to Toronto. As a massive city, Toronto is the ideal landing destination for 490 folks who paid vast amounts of money to a human-smuggling terrorist organization to illegally enter a country that is more than willing to dole out vast sums to others.

  While their claims are heard, they will enjoy welfare benefits as well as health and dental benefits that many citizens cannot afford. They have been promised front-of-the-line privileges for subsidized housing that low-income working people often have to wait years to possibly receive. They will also have access to top-of-the-line attorneys, with a low estimate being $22 million for legal representation alone. And you and I will be on the hook for every penny of it.

  This preferential treatment irritates me. To begin with, many of the men on that ship are suspected of having links to terrorist organizations like the Tamil Tigers. 378 of these claimants are grown men who know that they paid money to organized crime to escape a country that they likely committed crime in. It does not cost $50 000 for a plane ticket from Colombo to Toronto, but that is what these guys are suspected of paying to try to sneak into the country. You can be sure that for such a sum, they did not expect to be intercepted by the Navy. The entire migratory premise was illegal and they only made the refugee cry when they were apprehended.

  The nature of the attempted infiltration was not lost on the Canadian government, for those men will hopefully sit in prison  until their cases are heard. The 63 women and 49 children will likely be released to social housing or homes of legal immigrants once they are verified.

  While I support the idea of women and children possibly being absorbed into Canada, I cannot agree when it comes to the men. The Tamil Liberation Tigers are a secessionist organization that murders people. They engage in bombings, massacres and assassinations and are largely supported by the money sent from Tamil expats. This is a group that trained with the PLO and has ties to al-Qaeda and has absolutely no issue with using children as weapons. The ship that was used in the attempt to smuggle all of these individuals is the known property of the Tamil Tigers and they made around $20 million off of this transport.

  The LTTE has engaged in pogroms against Muslims in their own country as well as attacked Buddhists and anyone who generally doesn't support their criminal organization. They engage in arms smuggling, bomb manufacture, piracy, and drug running. Another big cash grab is human smuggling. These are not sweethearts nor political exiles. They are a network defeated by the Sri Lankan government in war that does not want to be held responsible for their actions.

  According to Canadian Government standards, no current or past member of the LTTE is permitted to reside in Canada. These men either are LTTE or know that they were traveling with terrorists. They knew that they were paying mass-murderers. These men are escaping Sri Lanka because they are afraid of being punished for their past actions, most of which are absolutely inexcusable. And they have no basis for being in our country for any amount of time. Stick them on a few DCH-6's and ship them back to Colombo.

  It may seem harsh to want to send 378 men back to a country without wanting to pay to hear their pleas. To some of the bleeding hearts, I'll be seen as a xenophobe, but I can assure you that is not the case. I am proud to live in a colourful country, one that is one of the most diverse and peaceful on the planet. The thing is, I'd like to keep it that way.
  It is an absolute disservice to immigrants to welcome men who have paid an organization that promotes genocide. Moreover, it is a grotesque insult to the thousands of disenfranchised refugees who choose our country because of its safety to import people who may have been responsible for killing their kin.

  Offer refugee status to children and young adults who were forced to be soldiers and offer the women safety. I have no problem with paying for the legitimate claimants, but am not comfortable subsidizing the escape of barbarians who sympathize with our enemies. Shiploads of men who threaten the health and safety of our nation and her denizens have no place within our borders. If they were the peaceful immigrants they claim to be they would have come by plane.

  We need to send a strong message to the TTLE and to all human traffickers that we will not allow them to set up cells in our nation and will never support mass-murderers.

  As insensitive as it seems, I believe that as a nation we have no choice but to send the Tigers back to their den.

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  1. ALL illegal immigrants should be sent back to their Mother country.Period. The fact that they are murderous bastards only intensifies the point. Illegal's are a drain on the economy of any Country they choose to invade. I have NO sympathy.


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