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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silly Lawsuit Of The Weak

  An Illinois woman is suing Mcdonald's Restaurants because of burns related to one of their hot beverages.

  Vicki Larocco alleges that her daughter was burned by hot chocolate that spilled onto her leg. Last year, the mom purchased the beverage at a drive through and gave it to her young child, who was indeed harmed by the drink spilling on her. The suit claims that the lid was improperly secured and that Mcdo should have known the beverage was too hot for consumption.
  While I empathize with the girl's suffering, I'm going to place some blame where it should be. All McDonald's hot drink containers contain warnings about the temperature due to a 1994 lawsuit where a woman was awarded $600 000 (lowered from $2 million) after an elderly woman scalded herself. The mom should know that hot chocolate is indeed hot, and should have checked herself to see if it was safe to serve to her child.

  This case is also similar to one in Brooklyn, New York where a mum is suing Starbucks because her infant son was burned by her hot tea. A man is also claiming to have suffered third-degree (?) burns after spilling tea on himself at a nearby Starbucks.

  I don't want to sound like a sourpuss here, but when are we going to take personal accountability into consideration? I know from experience that being sizzled does not tickle, but this is ridiculous. This would be like me suing Rothenberger because I scorched myself with my roofing torch or attempting litigation every time I got painful gas from eating at Taco Bell even though I know I'm lactose intolerant.

  Human beings cook their food. This has been going on for tens of thousands of years or more and will not cease. And because we are funny apes that like it hot, we do get burned. It happens. If there is anyone who should be suing, it should be the kids suing their idiot stick parents. But mum isn't a multi-billion dollar corporation and that's what this is all about.

  I don't like McDonald's. They serve disgusting, genetically-modified addictive pseudonutrition that comes horribly abused animals. That being said, they don't deserve to be sued because some dingbat served her kid an appropriately named drink. Don't order hot chocolate if you expect Nesquik.

 I've become convinced that stupidity has become a new occupation.

I stole the image from because you can clearly see the warning.

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  1. When are we gonna take personal accountability into consideration?
    I dunno..... ask Lindsay Lohan ;)


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