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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

¿Usted Quiere Algunas Chihuahuas?

  A local (to me) animal shelter was somewhat surprised last week when a lady called and asked if she could surrender 10 reasonably healthy chihuahuas to authorities for adoption.

  Even though it is technically illegal to own more than four dogs, the folks at the SPCA figured that since the owner was surrendering the canines, they'd give her a break as long as she showed up. And she did indeed show up in her Mustang with several dogs. Actually, she showed up with 33 of them the first day, and 9 the second. One of the dogs was in labour and gave birth to a healthy single puppy, bringing the total number of tan microdogs to 43.

  As it turns out, the woman was given 12 dogs after their owner passed away, and since all but 2 were unaltered they kept reproducing until she was seriously overwhelmed. Several dogs need medical treatment and now the Victoria SPCA is stuck with a rather monstrous veterinary bill. And this is where some of you might be able to help.

  10 of the dogs have been adopted, but there are still at least thirty ready for forever homes. They are reported to be friendly, gregarious little ones who will be welcome in almost anyone's household.

  To open your home to a dog or wallet to help cover the vet costs call (250) 388 - 7722 or visit the BC SPCA here .

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