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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Your Daily Diversion


  This morning I posed a very ordinary question, but the number of responses was amazing.

  I simply asked if people get into silent wars with the other occupants of their house based on how the toilet paper should hang. I am guilty of engaging in this because I firmly believe that toilet paper belongs against the wall. Otherwise it makes you look lazy and is too easy for the cat to run away with. The other 2 occupants secretly disagree and change it their way. And none of us will budge nor acknowledge that anything is going on. (well, i guess I did now)
  Thing is, I received many passionate arguments, even from people who don't follow me, about how they feel the loo roll should hang. (or not, some people use vertical roll things) A few people commented that it seemed like a female preoccupation  yet some couples replied that they have engaged in the Battle of the Salle De Bain for decades. People are serious about their shitters.

  Thusly, since I LOVE statistics and viewpoints, I open the floor to you lovely people. Please don't crap on it, that's not the kind of input I'm looking for.

  How does your roll hang?


  1. Oh the dreaded toilet roll saga!! I prefer to have the toilet roll over the front like the hotels and my other half likes it running down behind. We change it to suit ourselves most times we are in the bathroom! I hadn't really thought about it till now, pretty narrow minded now when I think about it. I'm sure there are better thing to argue over! lol

  2. HaHa, just one of those many many little thingys I NEVER have to think about on a daily basis. I live with 2 cats, they don't give a damn how I put the toilet paper on the roll. I like it rolled over the front. Some people who visit do put it down behind. I have been wondering why I like it down the front. It looks nicer???!!!....I can't think of another reason.


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