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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Few Thoughts About Illegal Immigration

  Those of you who have been around for a while may have read a post about Janet Napolitano's new idea of making prisons for illegal immigrants into fairly plush facilities not at all representative of detention facilities as we know them today.  (For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, wander HERE to read the post)

  Us folks to your north do not have as many illegal migrants coming from Mexico as most Mexicans with reasonable employment skills are fairly welcome and will be given work permits quite easily. Our problems revolve around human trafficking because of "adult worker" permits or vast boatloads of people arriving in British Columbia from the Far East.

  Canada Border Services has received a tip that a ship containing about 500 Tamils from Sri Lanka will likely hit either Vancouver or Victoria in the coming days. And they are prepared. There will be no warm welcome for folks who may be members of the Tamil Tigers group, no hotel-like facilities await these fake refugees. Instead, British Columbia prisons have been told to expect an influx of newbies.

  They will be detained and deported like usual, with a few of those who may be legitimate permitted to stay. Either way, these uninvited guests will enjoy 2 hot meals a day in the company of criminals because they don't play by the rules. The same rules that permit many people to migrate legally also make it very uncomfortable for those who choose to laugh at the law. If you knowingly hire undocumented workers and they do faulty work, you are not only liable in civil court, you will go to jail. Same goes for anyone who abets human trafficking by employing tax evaders.

  While some people argue that those who work in factories and meat processing plants are underpaid for their occupations, the workers themselves are employed legally. If a company cannot find enough workers, they can apply to import workers in accordance with the law. And if a corporation chooses to skirt the law, they will be shut down. Period.

  For a good many reasons, illegal migrants opt to go to our southern neighbour, but the main one is ease. One can work in a slaughterhouse in Iowa for decades before anything is done about it because too many politicians have vested financial interests in the companies that employ the largest percentages of border jumpers. And when the undocs are caught, they are deported and the corporation just hires new ones. Occasionally, one might hear of a fine, but nothing too major interferes with the profits that agribusinesses and others that exploit the desperate can and do make. If a Canadian politician was involved in a corporation that abused undocumented migrants for fun and profit, there would be scandal. There would be public outrage and that jerk would be out of a job.

  If you want to keep your nation from becoming a haven for illegal workers and those who employ them, make it difficult. Make it seriously awful not just for the workers, but mainly for those who hire them. Get used to paying more than a dollar for a cheeseburger and demand that the corporations who profit from the vulnerable be held accountable. Make it be known that not just the workers, but the bosses will go to jail. Seize the businesses that refuse to comply or fine them into compliance. Arrest the owners under racketeering laws and you'll see a monumental change.

  The problem with immigration enforcement does not lie with those who seek a better life, but those who profit. Those politicians who hard-line against immigrants do so because they don't want to blame their buddies but don't want to appear soft. So they pass the buck to those who cannot defend themselves. The only solution to mass illegal migration is to severely punish those who encourage it in the first place. Instead of ranking criminals from the bottom up, do as you do with the mafia and think top down.

  The only way to stop organized crime is to take out the Dons. The only difference between these ones and the ones you hate is that you ask for their product by name at the supermarket. It's high time to demand their heads on a platter instead of their chicken wings.

Just a thought.


  1. North Carolina was flooded with Illegals. They took good paying jobs simply for the fact they had bigger crews & worked Sunday-Sunday.They bring BBQ grills to work,cook on the job & don't take actual lunch breaks.They recently had to pass a law in Charlotte limiting the number of people that could live in 1 dwelling (not 4 or 5 families.)It IS illegal to knowing hire non citizen Mexicans here.We did a remodel on a home where they took the cabinet doors off in the kitchen & put up chicken wire & raised chickens in the house!Let a cop car pull up on a job site & they scatter like roaches.I have to agree with Arizona, it's time to stop all this dumb shyt & make them enter LEGALLY.The "Anchor" babies that are being born in Texas is ridiculous,the mothers arrive at Texas hospitals soaking wet from the river & go right to the hospitals to give birth.Birth to an AMERICAN citizen.I feel badly for the families being separated by the illegals being deported,but it seems to me they know the risk & chose it.These are not all good law abiding immigrants.Most send a large portion of the money made here back to Mexico,and it returns in the form of marijuana.It's bullshyt. My grandparents came in through Ellis Island,became Citizens &never expected this country to adapt to their native language..they learned English.It's a hot topic,but where else in the world can illegal's protest and get away with it.Wake up America, or start habla espanol. Peace.

  2. A little thing that also works to check sincerity that applies to both of our countries is the ability to join the military. Even if you are turned down, you are far more likely to be given a landing permit/green card.
    I don't agree that someone's parents must be citizens simply because it excludes enormous amounts of people. For example, my sister's kids were born prior to either of their parents becoming citizens.
    My American cousins were also born before my aunt became a citizen and they are as yankee as you get. The amount of people you'd lose is astronomical - your president's dad wasn't a citizen when he was born, neither was the mother of multiple olympian Mathieu Schneider. A few other names just from the hockey world who'd be excluded are Paul Stastny, Eric Nystrom, Chris Chelios, Adam Deadmarsh, and Brett Hull. All of those guys would be deported. Out of the USA would go Alanis Morrisette, Paula Abdul, Mike Myers and Jim Carrey. Thomas Edison's parents were Canadian as were thopse of Bud Black. Rachel Maddow's mother is Canadian as is the dad of Emeril Lagasse. You can keep Levi Johnston and Rowdy Roddy Piper if you hand over most of your national hockey team.

    I think you see the point about the slippery slope.


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