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Friday, August 27, 2010

WTBlue Friday

  A Mississippi woman was arrested this week for taking pornographic pictures of her kids to send to her online boyfriend.

  41 year old Angela Shoemake was picked up for child exploitation after her real-life boyfriend found disturbing photos of the 6 and 8 year old boys on the family computer and the shocked man rightly phoned the police.
  While it is not clear whether or not she actually send the appalling images, she did indeed take the pictures to try to impress a weirdo she met on the interwebs.
  I don't know about you guys, but I'm high sick of these so-called mothers becoming so willing to volunteering their children for exploitation. Mums are supposed to fight and die for their kids, not offer them up to perverts.
  There are really distorted folks out there, and even if they aren't actual paedophiles, they are narcissistic enough to get a kick out of dominating someone so much that she'll offer up the innocence of her young. There are men so distorted in their thinking that they enjoy having absolute control; and the ultimate in power is to command someone's maternal impulses to cease. To own someone so much, she'll give up anything for your admiration.

  I hope this beast is incarcerated for a good long time and her kids are never permitted within a state of her. If it were legal to do so, I'd call for Angela Shoemake to have her uterus ripped out; but since it isn't, 20 years in the tank should be fine.
  As for this reprehensible stain who requested this abomination, when they track him down, I really hope he pulls a weapon so the cops can mow him down like the societal weed he is.

  This horrid case is just one appalling example of what is exactly wrong with us. We've raised people to be pathetic victims or sociopathic scumbags. And sometimes they are one and the same like this hideous wench above.

  Some people really should not breed.  Good on the boyfriend for reporting this before 2 kids became the next to wind up in early graves due to the ultimate in parental ineptitude.

  Watch your kids. You have no idea who may be watching them.


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  1. This is scary shit... It is really really sad...I don't know what else to say..


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