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Monday, August 16, 2010

Bullsh*t News Network

  CNN has released a report claiming that men cheat on women who make more money than they do, and name Sandra Bullock as being responsible for Jesse being a douchebag.

  According to this study of boy-men between the ages of 18 to 28, men who are financially dependent on their partners are more likely to cheat because having a financially dependent woman emasculates them. Naturally, women who are dependent on men don't cheat because their livelihoods are at risk. You know, because all female homemakers are incapable of earning their own incomes and male ones are innately more qualified.

  According to this "study", the perfect arrangement is a situation where the woman makes 75% of what the man does. Incidentally, that's exactly what women make for doing the same job as a guy nowadays anyways.

  Oh CNN, you are so far off here. To begin with, Jesse James in significantly older than 28 and you're just using his name to draw attention to your baseless claim that Sandra deserved it. The study was conducted on very young people and surprisingly, very few of them actually cheated regardless of their situation.
  This insane interpretation of a survey does not take into account the facts that women are less likely to admit cheating and uses marginal statistics. Surveys can be read in almost any way that one wants to, and it is clear to anyone with a brain that CNN has bought into a lie to promote their blog.

  It seems that according to this study, all you have to do is know your place as 75% of a human as your partner and not offend his ego and he will stay loyal. This concept is not only offensive to women, but to the vast majority of men who respect their partners as equals. No man that I know would be perturbed or insulted if their wife was given a monumental raise. But alas, the fellows I know are adults, men who were clearly not the focus of the study.

  CNN, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not only did you stretch something for the purposes of more web hits, you blamed a woman because of information that just does not exist so you could boost your terrible ratings.

 My latest survey states that 67% of my readers believe the above graph is the only reason that CNN mentioned the study in the first place.

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