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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WTBlue Fuck Of The Weak

  As someone who used to live in southern Ontario, I am familiar with News 4 Buffalo's broadcasts of strange news. There are a lot of flaky folks un Upstate New York and News 4 has always been more than happy to spotlight their antics.

  But this case here is beyond weird- it is absolutely awful.

  Over the weekend a Cheektowaga man was arrested for felony animal cruelty after police uncovered a cat marinating in his trunk during a routine search after Gary Korkuc was stopped for a traffic violation. Yes, you read that correctly. The stain on humanity had his pet soaking in oil and a noxious combination of spices and peppers because he intended to eat the animal he was trusted to care for.

 The idiot stick adopted the cat because he was lonely and discovered he wasn't a cat guy. Instead of surrendering the companion animal for adoption he figured that it would be wasteful not to grill him.

  While the cat formerly known as Dinner has found a new forever home, Gary Korkuc faces criminal charges and a lifetime of scorn from a city of people who now know what kind of a douchebag lives among them. It also goes without saying that the 51-year-old will be prohibited from adopting any animal in New York forever.

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