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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great New Product

  Some people call their cars shitboxes, but a British company has taken that idea to create an amazing vehicle that runs on gas. I'm not talking about petrol or propane like you might be thinking, but methane gas. Yes, this snazzy auto is powered by poo.

  Simply put, when human waste at sewage treatment plants is broken down by bugs deprived of oxygen, methane gas is produced. But instead of releasing the gas directly into the atmosphere, GENeco removes some of the carbon dioxide and compresses it. The result is a fuel that performs just as well as petrol without as much of a nasty environmental footprint. This little 2-litre beastie tops out at around 185km/h, which is more than enough to generate a few speeding tickets.  And from what I remember from science class, this fartmobile won't stink. (farts smell because of bacteria and sulfur, not methane)

  Biogas is a dandy energy alternative because it is everywhere. I mean it takes about 70 humans' waste to enable one Dung Beetle to zoom, but think if someone condensed all of the waste from factory farms and composted it this way. I would presume that since all your capturing is the methane, the remainder would be fertilizer . And that would be known to you and I as an epic win.

  I mean, we aren't going to get people to stop eating meat and stop using the toilet, so we may as well use the waste products in such a way that people, the environment, and a whole bunch of otherwise annoying bugs are all to benefit. Plus, as cool as the Chevron commercials might be, we really need to stop relying so heavily on toxic fossil fuels sooner rather than later. This innovative automobile is a putt in the right direction.

  If they make a Turdwagen Microbus it will sell millions.

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