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Monday, August 16, 2010

In Dignity

  As much as I try to avoid blogging (or even thinking) about fame-monster Tila "Tequila" Nguyen, a few of my readers have asked me to weigh in on her latest incident. Since it's Monday, I'm suggestible, so I'll humour you here.

  So here's the deal- Tila Tequila was booked at the 11th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, a party for Insane Clown Posse fans and other fans of mayhem. Nobody is sure exactly why she was booked, but she'll show up for anything that might draw attention to her failing career.

  The audience was not amused. They began tossing all sorts of things on stage, including human waste. (contrary to popular reports, there was not a single Tila Tequila fan for the shit to hit) Tila claims that ICP fans threw firecrackers and bottles at her and that two thousand people began chasing her, trying to kill her. I've seen the photos (you'll have to google them because I'm not entitled to use them under copyright laws) and they look like Tila has added to the appearance of her injuries.

  In the following video, you do hear Tila being heckled. She then takes her shirt off in the hopes that it will appeal to male party-goers. Some fans do indeed start throwing things at Tila, most of which are blocked by security staff. Noticing this, Tila repeatedly walks in front of the paid burly men despite the fact that they are trying to do the honourable thing and not let a woman get hit.

  While I'm not in favour of any woman being harmed on the job, no matter how despicable she is, Tila Tequila repeatedly put herself in harms way so she could complain about it later. While the Juggalos should have restrained themselves, Tila should have got the hell out of Dodge. No man should throw things at a woman, no matter how much of a douchebag she is, but at the same time nobody should intentionally put herself in danger purely for publicity.

  This incident makes everyone involved appear to be at fault. Tila appears to incite anger and the ICP fans are portrayed as a bunch of ingrates.

  Tila Tequila has cried wolf and played the victim so many times that she (hypothetical here kids) could have been attacked and nobody would listen. It is truly sad that there are girls who look up to this pitiful representation of femininity.

  Micromamas take note : When you treat yourself like a whore, don't complain when everyone else sees you as one. And if you name yourself after a most loathsome drink, people will vomit you up.

“One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it cannot be taken away unless it is surrendered” - Martin Kondrake



  2. First of all NO where in ICP music does the word "restraint" even fit in. This is two guys,Shaggy2dope & VIOLENT Jay.They rap about murder & dis women as part of their venue.Tila was warned MANY times via Twitter & other social media's,to stay the fuck away. On her Twitter page she gave a shout out to "Insane Klown Posse" with a "K".Way to piss a Juggalo off.Also a shout out to the Kotton Mouth Kings,which are WAY to kool to hang with the likes of Tila.Why did it piss the Juggalo's off when she took her shirt off? Simply because Juggalo folks are notoriously BROKE. So when Hollywierd store bought tits show up on stage, it's a slap in the face to them.Why anyone would ASK for a blog on this bitch is beyond me..calling her skank is being polite.


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