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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Better Than Prozac

Within the hour, my family is arriving. and we're going camping.

  My mum, my sister and her kids, my bro and his wife. Trekking into the wilderness to go to an old campground nobody uses in the bush. There's a lake and fantastic trees, cliffs, and air. Pure air and nearly perfect surroundings that few people get to ever witness.

  No wifi, no cellphones, no electricity. Just 8 people and a dog in the bush.

  I have my notebook at the ready to lose myself in when my sadistic sister gets on her high horse and a first aid kit handy for when my mum drunkenly falls in the fire pit again. I have the script in my head to calm my brother's numerous neuroses and a few decks of cards for a spirited poker or cribbage match or ten. The canoe is on the truck and I'm just waiting for them to show.

  I think we all need to take a day or two to get away from technology and its stresses, to be distracted by beauty instead of what the latest extremist asshole is trying to sell people. we all need peace and tranquility found not in a bottle or pill, but in the truly breathtaking.

  Soon we go to explore and bond and get scratched up. We'll have some new stories and try to leave as little footprint on where we're going to find who we are. There's no use living in one of the Earth's most beautiful places to just sit at a keyboard watching the drunks go by.

  So here's to a new set of memories and a whole load of relief. If I post soon you'll know I didn't kill my sister.

Happy Trails!

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  1. Hope you're having an awesome time. Breathe in some of that fresh air for me k?


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