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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Artistic Moment of the Geek

  Occasionally someone sends me something that is absolutely mesmerizing, and today that occurred.

  One of my readers ( @AlaAmber) noticed my love of art and also my fascination with eyes. I love eyes. I read about them, go to exhibits that feature images of them, and even paint them. And my latest eyesibit is courtesy of Armenian  Suren Manelveyan and his unreal photography skills.

  I am so fascinated with Suren's work that I contacted the man to find out about him and his very neat work.

Here's a sample of the good stuff with more after the jump:

This guy's artwork is fascinating on so many levels, whether he is taking snapshots of local cobblers or his wife. An exhibit from his gallery that I find particularly intriguing is a series of passport vs reality side-by-side shots.
Here's one from Suren's series on Cobblers that has captivated me

  I can look at Suren's work all day long and if you wish to see all of it for yourself, wander over HERE to be inspired. To e-mail the man himself and find out how you can get one of these in your home or show your appreciation click HERE

All images (c) Suren Manvelyan and used with permission.

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  1. Did you know you can tell if people have certain diseases from that 2nd picture of the eye? It's a very interesting, yet still considered alternative, view of medicine. Awesome pictures btw :)!


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