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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yo Ottawa!

  Be on the lookout for this escaped paedophile. Yes, you are seeing correctly, it is former CFL quarterback Cody Ledbetter. He likes young girls, and not in a parental way.

  In 2004, he was charged with 4 counts of sexual assault, 2 counts of a teacher having improper relations with a students, and 2 counts of indecently with a child. The footballer turned high school teacher basically got the sports guy walk on those charges but was convicted a year later on separate charges of violating a student. He was given a sweetheart plea deal of 10 years probation and has fled the United states.

  He turned up in Ottawa and evaded police on Saturday and is probably still in Ontario. He's 6 feet tall, weighs 225 pounds and droves a maroon dodge Ram with Oklahoma plates.

  Hopefully someone sees him and calls him in so he can do some hard time in Texas for being a stain on humanity. Something also must be done about us as a whole. While someone who played pro ball might seem qualified to be a football coach, we need to remind ourselves that they are working with CHILDREN. Also, sex offenders are chickenshits as a whole and will run from probation. There are tons of these assholes walking amongst us. The child molester is less likely to be the eerily quiet old man down the street than he is to be your clean-cut neighbour. These freaks wear no uniform, they hide in plain sight, they use their appearance and social skills to get at children. And they think they are above the law.

  I'm dead tired of seeing reports of sex offenders who are supposed to be supervised arrogantly laughing at the law. There needs to be better coordination amongst law enforcement agencies to ensure that when these innocence thieves fuck up they are caught immediately and locked up for lengthy periods of time. In this age of information technology there is no excuse.

Watch your kids. you have NO idea who might be watching them.

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  1. I have done a sex offender check in every neighbor hood that ALL of my grand children live in.I made print outs of pics & addresses & gave them to all of my kids. Parents DO NOT take for granted that the precious wee ones are safe.One of my grands is a 12 y/o young lady now,I watch her like a hawk.Young women get snatched even in their 20's (Natalie Holloway)Be vigilant.Peace


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