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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Public Service Announcement

  Everyone who floats around the internet as much as I do has experienced this.

  The annoying pop-up survey.

  Usually it will ask you if you want to take part and if you click"no" it will pop up again whenever you click a link within the website. Often times, you are actually attempting to purchase something from them but are getting the eyeball assault.

  Whenever I encounter one of these things it irritates me. If I like your website, I'll keep coming back. If I buy something from you, I will e-mail you my opinion whether you ask for it or not. Conversely, if something on your blog or what-have-you offends me or my sense of style I will absolutely tell you. I am an opinionated bastard and so are most of us. You do not have to ask for our opinions. We will give them to you anyways.

  If your survey has a little comment section that is clearly visible, I will definitely fill it out, but not in the way you expect. Usually I will type something in the vein of "Your website is really rad but this pop-up angers the shit out of me. Stop annoying your visitors. You're scaring us away." or simply "Your survey blows rhesus monkeys.".

  If you are the administrator of a website DO NOT use the pop-up survey. Ever. It irritates the hell out of people and a fair percentage of folks who encounter them will hit the Back button on their browser driving traffic away from your amazing bagels or T-shirts. If you think it is an absolute must that you have the opinions of your audience, place a link of said survey in the sidebar or use the age-old Feedback tab.

 Friendliness still does work. Stop Attacking your potential clients.

 Thank you.


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