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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy 33rd Birthday to Tarja Turunen

  There are a lot of famous dudes born today. Filthy stinking rich guys.

  Robert DeNiro was born today 67 years ago. Yes Bob, I'm talkin to you.

 It's also Sean Penn's birthday and Donnie Wahlberg's day.

  Wealthy beyond belief sports guys like Nelson Piquet and Jorge Posada and Dustin Pedroia get to blow out candles today.

  It's also creepy kid Montana Fishburne's 19th birthday and she'll get a birthday dildo or birthday cake or birthday cake shaped like a birthday dildo.Maybe she can share it with fellow porn star Ken Ryker, who's never been picky.

  Dudes who play with balls like Guillermo Vilas and Jim Courier and Christian Laettner get to have their balls played with today.

  There are a LOT of rich and famous and sometimes irritating people who get to enjoy August 17th, but this is my blog and I'll dispense the birthday wishes to whomever pleases me. And while Tarja Turunen may share a birthday and even year with a bunch of soccer nuts, I'm going to grace you with her presence because she makes me feel nice.


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